Sangha Care

Sangha Care at Hank is an important way we practice compassion and care for members of our community. It provides a structure for giving and receiving care, support, and assistance in our sangha -- where it is a central teaching that there are no separate givers, receivers, and gifts. Rather, in giving we are also receiving.

For example, Sangha Care can provide assistance to sangha members during recovery from illness, bereavement, or other similar life challenges. Members of our community may ask for support for themselves or for someone else, or volunteer to provide assistance to other members, or both. You could, for example, shop for groceries, pick up medication, or simply visit or meditate with someone who is feeling emotional isolation. In the current context of enforced physical separation, visits to sangha members can be arranged through Zoom.

Our Sangha Care committee makes the actual arrangements for providing care. The current committee members are Alan, Bob, Carolynn, Pierce, and Susan. All communications with the committee about Sangha Care matters will be kept confidential, and you won't be committed to volunteering your own services by telling a committee member about a possible care situation.


If you are considering asking for help for yourself or someone else in the sangha, please email us at hanksanghainfo@gmail.com. Once we begin meeting regularly in person again, you can still email, or speak to a committee member, or complete one of the Sangha Care forms available on the table at meetings and give it to a committee member or a practice leader.

You are encouraged to think of Sangha Care as providing opportunities for caring and compassion, offered by the sangha to everyone and from everyone, bringing sangha members together and strengthening our community. Everyone is encouraged to become involved and to offer suggestions about how we can better care for one another.