Boundless Way Zen


BodhidharmaThe Boundless Way Zen school is an emerging western Zen practice community with lineage roots are in the Japanese Soto tradition through Jiyu Kennett, Roshi, the Soto reform Harada-Yasutani koan curriculum through John Tarrant, Roshi, and the Korean Linji tradition through Zen Master George Bomun Bowman.

Anyone is welcome to attend Boundless Way Zen practice periods offered at a number of locations in New England, as well as White Plains, New York, and Copenhagen, Denmark. There are no special requirements and no cost for daily practice, although donations are gratefully accepted.

Boundless Way Zen teachers are dedicated to helping every student find a meditation practice that fits their unique personality and deepest intention for awakening, including breath awareness, mindfulness practices, koan introspection, and subtle art of just sitting.  We are also committed to the continuing work of integrating Zen practice into everyday life.

Mission and Ideals

The mission of Boundless Way Zen is to cultivate Zen practice in the West through:

  • Establishing and supporting local practice communities (sanghas).
  • Training dharma teachers and practice leaders.
  • Providing meditation retreats (sesshin) and other intensive training opportunities.

The ideals of Boundless Way Zen are based on the example and teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, guided by the Bodhisattva Precepts and the teachings of the schools of Zen Buddhism. Our central value is to develop the realization of non-duality and its compassionate actualization.

Ethics Code

Boundless Way Zen teachers and members have a deep commitment to ethical conduct within our sangha.  We therefore bind ourselves to an code of ethical conduct in order to nurture and protect our community and our continuing practice together.  To ensure that ethical concerns can be addressed confidentially and responsibly, we have adopted the Boundless Way Zen Ethics Code and have established an Ethics and Reconciliation Committee to address concerns.

The Boundless Way Zen main site:  www.boundlesswayzen.org