All who come and practice even a few times with one of the Living Vow Zen sanghas (Henry David Thoreau, Morning Star, or Shining Window) may consider themselves part of a sangha, and their participation is valued and appreciated. You do not need to become a member to participate, but everyone is invited to join our inclusive Zen community by becoming a formal member.

You may wish to become a formal member of Living Vow Zen to support its central missions: nurturing the Dharma in our communities, providing practice and retreat (sesshin) opportunities for those who want to follow the Zen way, supporting engaged practices, and training future practice leaders, priests, and teachers.

With membership, comes the right to vote at annual meetings, to become officers, to choose officers and members of our Board of Trustees, to help determine budget priorities, and to participate in setting overall policies for the organization.

Anyone who practices with a Living Vow Zen sangha and has made a contribution in the past year may apply for membership. To become a member of Living Vow Zen, please complete and submit this short form.

The operations of Living Vow Zen practice groups -- rent, insurance, supplies for meetings, and related costs -- are funded by contributions from our formal members and others who participate in our programs and activities. Donations to Living Vow Zen can be made at any of our in-person sangha meetings or as described here.

Thank You!