Boundless Way Zen Sanghas


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Boundless Way Zen affiliated Zen Centers and practice groups:

  • Boundless Way Temple/Worcester Zen Center, Worcester, MA
  • Greater Boston Zen Center, Somerville, MA
  • Benevolent Street Zen Sangha, Providence, RI
  • Boundless Way Zen Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Boundless Way Zen Northampton, Northampton, MA
  • Boundless Way Zen DownEast, Machias, ME
  • Boundless Way Zen of Westchester, White Plains, NY
  • Bright Sea Zen Sangha , Weymouth, MA
  • Henry David Thoreau Sangha, Newton, MA
  • Joseph Priestly Zen Community, Northumberland, PA
  • Morning Star Sangha, Newtonville, MA
  • Mustard Seed Sitting Group, Cromwell, CT
  • Snow Mountain Zen , Wilmington, VT
  • Zen Sangha of Westport , Westport, CT
  • Boundless Way Zen South Natick , South Natick, MA

    Contact Julie Nelson for details.

    AT MGH:

    Contact Bob Waldinger for details